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  • MAAP-011027 High-Power Amplifier

    The MAAP-011027 amplifier in lead-free, 5 mm, 20-lead, PQFN package for point-to-point radios and C-band radar applications.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 93

  • Differential CATV Variable Gain Amplifier

    MACOM have designed a CATV for customers who need a low noise, high powered, and extremely linear variable gain amplifier.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 109

  • MADP-011029-14150T, 50 MHz to 12 GHz, High-Power P

    MACOM’s high-power PIN diode, MADP-011029, comes in a lead-free, 1.5 mm x 1.2 mm, 6-lead, DFN, surface-mount, plastic package

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 95

  • MA4E2054 Low Barrier Silicon Schottky Diodes

    MACOM's MA4E2054 series Schottky diodes are designed for use as high performance mixer and detector diodes assembled in low cost surface mount plastic packages.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 131

  • MADL-011012 360 W CW Power Limiter

    MACOM's MADL-011012 is a lead-free surface mount, high power limiter in a compact ceramic package.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 98

  • MADP-011104-TR0500 High-Power Shunt PIN Diode

    MACOM's MADP-011104 diode provides exceptional switch or attenuator performance from 50 MHz to 5 GHz.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 70

  • MAAP-010169 Amplifier

    The MAAP-010169 10 W 2-stage amplifier features 41 dBm saturated output power and operating frequency range of 2 GHz to 6 GHz.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 105

  • MAAM-011109

    Macom's MAAM-011109 amplifier features 12 dB gain, 50 Ω input/output match, and 18 dBm output power.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 73

  • 2-Way 90 Degree Power Splitter/Combiner

    MACOM's stable and durable power splitter for CATV, broadband, and instrumentation applications

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 84

  • MAAP-015030 GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier

    Macom's MAAP-015030 8.5-11.75 GHz, GaAs MMIC power amplifier features 40% power added efficiency and on-chip gate bias circuit.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 68

  • MAFL-011013/011024 Surface Mount Diplexers

    MACOM's MAFL-011013 and MAFL-011024 diplexers are designed to replace CAN diplex filters in real estate constrained CPE applications.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 80

  • MAAL-011111 3-Stage Low-Noise Amplifier

    Macom's MAAL-011111 3-stage low-noise amplifier offers 19 dB of gain and less than 3 dB of noise figure in a small 3 x 3 mm QFN package.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 101

  • DOCSIS 3.1 Compliant CATV Amplifiers and Passive C

    MACOM unveils their portfolios of DOCSIS 3.1 compliant CATV amplifiers and passive components that push the envelope for RF component performance.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 56

  • HMIC™ Silicon PIN Diode Switches

    Covering the 0.05 GHz to 20 GHz frequency range, MACOM's SPDT MASW-002103-1363, SP3T MASW-003103-1364, and SP4T MASW-004103-1365 are usable up to 26 GHz.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 66

  • MAAP-011232, 1 W Driver Amplifier with VG Enable

    MACOM's MAAP-011232 amplifier is suited for a broad range of applications that include land mobile radio systems, military communications, sensors, and telemetry.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 97

  • MAAV-011013 Voltage Variable Attenuator

    MACOM's MAAV-011013 voltage variable attenuator is ideal in designs which require a large dynamic range.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 95

  • Wired Broadband Amplifiers

    The MACOM MAAM-011220 is an 18.5 dB gain, high linearity, low-noise-figure gain block operating from 45 MHz to 1218 MHz.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 84

  • MAAM-011206 Broadband Darlington Amplifier DC-15 G

    MACOM's MAAM-011206 Darlington amplifier is well suited to diverse applications such as LO drivers, gain blocks, and RF driver stages.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 88

  • MAAL-011130 Broadband Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

    MACOM's MAAL-011130 low noise amplifier is well suited to multiple applications such as X-Band satellite communication receivers and wideband A&D systems.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 57

  • MAAL-011078 Low Noise Amplifier

    MACOM's MAAL-011078 700 MHz to 6 GHz low noise amplifier was designed as a first stage LNA for 4G cellular infrastructure and Wi-Fi applications.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 102