NXP Semiconductors


NXP Semiconductors
  • NXP Kicks Off Low-power Family of MCUs for IoT Applications

    The K32 L2 MCUs are based on the Arm Cortex-M0+ core and feature multiple low-power modes.

    By NXP Semiconductors 112

  • MMA8491Q Xtrinsic 3-Axis Accelerometer

    MMA8491Q Xtrinsic 3-axis accelerometer is an ultra-low-power tamper detection and tilt sensor that enables many functions.

    By NXP Semiconductors 106

  • PCT2075 Temperature Sensor

    NXP’s PCT2075 temperature sensor offers more flexibility boasting a ±1°C precision over a -25°C to +100°C range, where most temperature measurements are made.

    By NXP Semiconductors 99

  • FXLN83xxQ Family Accelerometers

    NXP introduces the FXLN83xxQ 3-axis, low-power, low-g analog-output accelerometers.

    By NXP Semiconductors 163

  • Ultra-Low Power Digital Temperature Sensor with I&

    NXP's PCT2202 is an I²C bus, serial-output temperature sensor available in a tiny WLCSP6 package.

    By NXP Semiconductors 129

  • Improved LM75 Temperature Sensor

    NXP Semiconductors' PCT2075 is a temperature-to-digital converter featuring ±1°C max accuracy over -25°C to +100°C range.

    By NXP Semiconductors 92

  • QorIQ P2 Platform

    QorIQ P2 Platform delivers dual- and single-core frequencies up to 1.2GHz on a 45nm technology low-power platform.

    By NXP Semiconductors 197

  • QorIQ P1 Processor Family

    NXP's QorIQ P1 Platform is designed for power-conscious, high-performance applications, offering the value of integration in a 3 W power envelope.

    By NXP Semiconductors 237

  • Tower Mechatronics Board and Robot

    Tower Mechatronic Board kit includes simple development tools that will help you learn to write software for sensors.

    By NXP Semiconductors 199

  • LPC43 Dual Core Cortex DSCs

    NXP's LPC4300 series combines high-performance, low-power ARM Cortex-M4 and ARM Cortex-M0 cores with a unique set of configurable peripherals.

    By NXP Semiconductors 191

  • High Speed Converters

    As a leader in high performance mixed-signal IC products, NXP offers an extensive selection of high-speed data converters, with digital interfaces.

    By NXP Semiconductors 212

  • LPC11U USB Microcontrollers

    Delivering robust USB performance at a low cost, the LPC11U Cortex-M0 USB devices from NXP are compelling replacements for 8- and 16-bit USB MCUs.

    By NXP Semiconductors 194

  • Kinetis L Series Development

    Platforms offering an easy-to-use mass-storage device mode flash programmer, a virtual serial port, and classic programming and run-control capabilities.

    By NXP Semiconductors 210

  • 1.65 V GPIO Expanders with Agile I/O

    The NXP Semiconductors family of low voltage GPIO with Agile I/O expands the two wires of the I²C-bus into 8 or 16 general purpose I/O.

    By NXP Semiconductors 151

  • GreenChip™ Controller ICs

    NXP Semiconductors' GreenChip controller ICs are highly efficient solutions designed for LED lighting.

    By NXP Semiconductors 134

  • TFA9881 / 2 3.4 W Audio Amplifiers

    NXP's TFA988 is a mono, filter-free class-D audio amplifier in a 9-bump wafer level chip-size package (WLCSP) with a 400 μm pitch.

    By NXP Semiconductors 95

  • Logic Packages

    NXP Semiconductors introduces logic plastic packages. The ultra-compact packaging design is ideal for leading-edge portable handheld devices.

    By NXP Semiconductors 131

  • Kinetis KE02 Family

    The next-generation MCU solution offering ESD/EMC performance for cost-sensitive, high-reliability device applications used in high electrical noise environments.

    By NXP Semiconductors 132

  • 204 MHz, 32-bit Cortex-M4/Cortex-M0 LPC4370 MCUs

    NXP's 32-bit core offers system enhancements such as low power consumption, enhanced debug features, and a high level of support-block integration.

    By NXP Semiconductors 98

  • FRDM-KL26Z

    FRDM-KL26Z is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis L series KL16 and KL26 MCUs built on ARM® Cortex™-M0+ processors.

    By NXP Semiconductors 157