• SX9510 Capacitive Touch Sensor

    Semtech's SX9510 touch sensor controller includes 8-channels of LED drivers, a buzzer, IR detector and analog outputs designed ideally for TV applications.

    By Semtech 113

  • SX9300 Proximity Specific Absorption Rate Controll

    Semtech's SX9300 is the world’s first dual-channel capacitive Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) controller.

    By Semtech 108

  • SX8633 Button Touch Controller

    Semtech's SX8633 is an ultra low power, fully integrated 12-channel solution for capacitive touch-buttons, and proximity detection applications.

    By Semtech 106

  • EcoSpeed® DC-DC Converters

    EcoSpeed DC-DC converters help designers meet today’s demanding "green" power requirements .

    By Semtech 107

  • TS30013 Current-Mode Synchronous Buck DC/DC Conver

    Semtech's TS30013 are 3A DC/DC synchronous switching regulator with fully integrated power switches, internal compensation, and full fault protection.

    By Semtech 67

  • TS51111 Rectifier and Charging IC

    Semtech’s TS51111 includes a high efficiency synchronous rectifier to convert the input AC power signal to a DC output level for battery charging. The device supports both direct battery charging

    By Semtech 132

  • TS80002 High Efficiency Transmitter Controller

    Semtech's TS80002 is a power transmitter communications and control unit for wireless charging applications.

    By Semtech 103

  • GS12070 UHD-SDI Gearbox

    Semtech’s GS12070 is a highly configurable UHD-SDI gearbox with four inputs and four outputs which supports conversions between multi-link, dual-link, and single-link UHD-SDI interfaces.

    By Semtech 110

  • TS13401 Solid State Relay Driver

    Semtech’s TS13401 is a galvanically isolated, 60 V power FET driver with bi-directional blocking.

    By Semtech 86

  • SC431MSKQTRT Adjustable Shunt Regulator

    Semtech’s SC431MSKQTRT adjustable shunt regulator offers a wide operating current range 130 µA to 150 mA.

    By Semtech 128

  • SX1272 RF Transceiver

    SX1272 features LoRa from Semtech which provides ultra-long-range spread spectrum communication.

    By Semtech 382

  • SX1276 Long Range Transceiver

    Long transceiver LoRa™ also provides significant advantages in both blocking and selectivity over conventional modulation techniques.

    By Semtech 118

  • SX1261 and SX1262 LoRa® Transceivers

    Semtech's SX1261 and SX1262 devices are designed for long-range wireless applications and support long battery life.

    By Semtech 121

  • RClamp®0554S TVS Diode Array

    Semtech's RailClamp®0554S is designed to protect sensitive components connected to ESD, EFT and lightning.

    By Semtech 101

  • RClamp®1255P TVS Diode Array

    Semtech’s RClamp®1255P provides dedicated surge and ESD protection for µUSB ports. It is designed to replace multiple discrete components in portable applications.

    By Semtech 123

  • RClamp®3374N TVS Diode

    Semtech’s RailClamp TVS diodes are specifically designed to protect sensitive components which are connected to high-speed data and transmission lines.

    By Semtech 101

  • Rclamp®0512TQ TVS Diode

    Semtech's RClamp®0512TQ TVS diode offers a working voltage of 5 V with a low capacitance of 3 pF.

    By Semtech 123

  • LinkCharge™ CT Infrastructure Wireless Charging Sy

    Semtech's LinkCharge is a complete, self-contained infrastructure wireless charging system that can be mounted underneath almost any non-metallic surface.

    By Semtech 106

  • ESD Solutions for USB 3.0

    Semtech offers state of the art transient voltage suppression (TVS) protection solutions to help protect USB 3.0 ICs from dangerous fast rise-time transient threats while also presenting sufficien

    By Semtech 145

  • RClamp0504FB TVS Diodes

    Semtech’s RCLAMP0504FBTCT is a RClamp® TVS diodes that is designed to protect sensitive electronics from damage and latch-up due to a transient surge event.

    By Semtech 118