• 5 MHz and 6 MHz AT-Cut Quartz Thickness-Monitor Cr

    Taitien's 5 MHz and 6 MHz AT-cut quartz thickness-monitor crystals are for use in thin film thickness monitors and controllers.

    By Taitien 132

  • OX-U and OY-U Series Low Noise Oscillators

    Taitien introduces the OX-U and OY-U series low noise oscillators that offer excellent close-in phase noise needed for high fidelity audio system applications.

    By Taitien 93

  • OX/OY 32.768 KHz Crystal Oscillators

    Taitien Electronics, a leading provider of frequency control solutions, has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-stability crystal oscillators.

    By Taitien 106

  • TT Series TCXOs

    Taitien's TT series of ultra-high performance, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and is ideally suited for applications demanding high-precision timing requirements such as cel

    By Taitien 109

  • Miniature SMD Crystals

    Taitien introduces their miniature SMD crystals are available with a wide range of options and are ideal for applications such as wearable electronics, Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy (BLE), se

    By Taitien 124

  • VLCU Series Crystal Oscillators

    Taitien Electronics’ VLCU series are ultra-low noise voltage controlled crystal oscillators.

    By Taitien 111

  • VT Type VCXOs

    Taitien's VT type VCXOs are voltage controlled crystal oscillators in a typical 7 mm x 5 mm x 1.75 mm 6-pad ceramic SMD package.

    By Taitien 100

  • OT Type Crystal Oscillators

    Taitien's OT type crystal oscillators have a typical 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm x 1.45 mm hermetically sealed ceramic package.

    By Taitien 114

  • TW Type VCTCXOs

    Taitien’s TW type crystal oscillators are high performance 5032 size VCTCXOs in a miniature SMD ceramic package.

    By Taitien 123

  • OX Type Clock Oscillators

    Taitien’s OX type is a highly stable, reliable clock oscillator, with a frequency range of 32.768 kHz to 125 MHz, in a 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm ceramic SMD package.

    By Taitien 124

  • OY Type Clock Oscillator

    Taitien’s OY type is a highly stable, reliable clock oscillator, with a frequency range of 32.768 kHz to 125 MHz, in a 2.0 mm x 2.5 mm ceramic SMD package.

    By Taitien 126

  • NN Type 9 mm x 7 mm Miniaturized OCXO

    Taitien's NN type 9 mm x 7 mm miniaturized OCXOs and are designed for small cell base stations as well as, SyncE, IEEE 1588 PTP, and network switches.

    By Taitien 115

  • NA-6800/NA-6900 Series High-Performance OCXOs

    Taitien’s NA-6800 and NA-6900 series high-performance OCXOs utilize their in-house produced SC-cut crystals.

    By Taitien 110

  • Miniature Crystal Ovens

    Taitien’s MAJ series of mini ovens maintain stable and constant temperature for components that operate over wide temperature ranges.

    By Taitien 165