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Bourns Inc.
  • AMS22S Series Sensor

    Bourns' AMS22S, non-contacting, single-turn Hall effect sensors feature low mechanical torque with a programmable electrical angle from 10 to 360 degrees.

    By Bourns Inc. 253

  • AMM20B Multiturn Rotary Position Sensor

    Bourns' AMM20B, non-contacting, multi-turn position sensors feature 12-bit resolution and a 1/4" diameter shaft with a 3/8" diameter bushing.

    By Bourns Inc. 147

  • AMS22U Analog Rotary Position Sensor

    Bourns' AMS22U, non-contacting, position sensing device is a single-turn rotary sensor which has a rotational life of up to 100 million cycles.

    By Bourns Inc. 192

  • Model PEC11L Incremental Encoder

    Bourns' PEC11L incremental encoder is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and has an operating temperature range of -30°C to 70°C.

    By Bourns Inc. 89

  • 3382 Series Rotary Sensors

    Bourns' 3382 rotary sensor series offers resistance values ranging from 2.5 KΩ to 100 KΩ and are available in SMD and through-hole versions.

    By Bourns Inc. 121

  • Mini-Breaker (Thermal Cutoff Devices) Design Kits

    Bourns offers five Komatsulite mini-breaker (thermal cutoff device) design kits, including the HC series, LC series, KCA series, and NR series mini-breakers.

    By Bourns Inc. 120

  • AA Series Miniature Resettable Thermal Cutoff Devi

    Bourns offer their model AA series miniature resettable thermal cutoff (TCO) devices.

    By Bourns Inc. 88

  • Model BPS110/120/130/230 Series Environmental Sens

    Bourns' BPS pressure sensor models and humidity sensor model are designed for the advanced sensor needs in a variety of applications.

    By Bourns Inc. 199

  • P-TCO Devices for USB-C™ Thermal Runaway Protectio

    Bourns' polymeric thermal cutoff (P-TCO) devices are designed to protect USB-C™ cables from destructive and potentially dangerous thermal runaway events.

    By Bourns Inc. 279

  • BPS140 Series Sensors

    BPS140 sensors from Bourns® provide high sensitivity/accuracy, long-term reliability, high-temperature capability, and certain harsh media compatibility.

    By Bourns Inc. 144

  • CD-MBL, CD-DF4, and CD-HD Bridge Rectifiers

    The Bourns model CD-MBL and model CD-DF4 bridge rectifiers are designed for converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) in power applications. The model CD-HD schottky bridge rectif

    By Bourns Inc. 101

  • CDTO269-BR1xL Surface Mount Bridge Rectifier Diode

    Bourns' CDTO269-BR1xL surface mount bridge rectifier diodes are designed for converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) in power applications.

    By Bourns Inc. 125

  • CD214x Rectifier Chip Diodes

    Bourns' CD214x rectifier chip diodes are available in low profile SMD packages.

    By Bourns Inc. 98

  • 2054 Series GDT Surge Protectors

    Bourns' 2054 series of three-electrode, SMD, GDT surge protectors are well suited for broadband protection with their ultra-low capacitance.

    By Bourns Inc. 230

  • CDSOD323 TVS Diodes

    Bourns' CDSOD323 transient voltage suppressor diodes for xDSL applications are available in an SOD-323 package size format.

    By Bourns Inc. 221

  • LSP LED Protection Devices

    Bourns LSP series of LED shunt protection devices features fast switching and automatic reset in an SMB package.

    By Bourns Inc. 635

  • RS-485 Evaluation Boards

    Bourns offers two RS-485 evaluation boards to streamline evaluating circuit protection on RS-485 serial device ports.

    By Bourns Inc. 222

  • Metal Oxide Varistors

    Bourns' metal oxide varistor's (MOV) voltages range from 18 V to 1800 V and are available in 7, 10, 14, and 20 mm.

    By Bourns Inc. 259

  • TBU® Series High Speed Protectors

    Bourns' TBU resettable device is placed in series with a signal path and operates in approximately 1 μs once the line current exceeds the trigger current.

    By Bourns Inc. 171

  • MF-RM Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses

    Bourns' MF-RM series of multifuse, polymer, PTC, resettable fuses have a holding current of 50 mA to 550 mA and a UL-listed Vmax of 240 VAC.

    By Bourns Inc. 521