• TRS™ and OHD™ Thermal Sensors

    KEMET's TRS series are a highly reliable temperature-sensitive switch for conserving energy and the OHD series is a thermal guard developed for thermal problem countermeasures and safety stand

    By KEMET 70

  • Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors

    KEMET's pyroelectric infrared sensors use the pyroelectric effect of ceramic and can detect even slight infrared energy from the human body.

    By KEMET 126

  • SS Series Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Modules

    KEMET’s SS series pyroelectric infrared sensors use the pyroelectric effect of ceramic by absorbing infrared rays emitted from the human body.

    By KEMET 132

  • AC Line Filters

    KEMET's AC line filters common and differential mode, and high-frequency filters for noise-suppression applications in all market segments.

    By KEMET 118

  • Metal-Composite Power Inductors

    The magnetic metal-composite core offers high-permeability and high-saturation flux density for a stronger magnetic field. Metal cores reduce core losses at light loads.

    By KEMET 78

  • CT, C/CT, and ZCT Current Sensors

    KEMET offers three new current sensors, the CT, C/CT, and ZCT current sensors for various sensing and protection applications.

    By KEMET 48

  • Dual Function Varistors

    KEMET's dual-function VM and VK series, which integrate a capacitor to suppress interference from devices such as DC electric motors, are ideal for protecting sensitive automotive electronics.

    By KEMET 129

  • FLLD3-MH Three-Phase EMI Filters

    KEMET's three-phase filters are general purpose, compact, and slim, with terminal blocks for quick installation in industrial equipment.

    By KEMET 123

  • PLT Series Pulse Transformers

    KEMET's PLT pulse transformers are designed with a proprietary ferrite core and show excellent insertion loss characteristics.

    By KEMET 137

  • SBT, SH, and SHO Series DC Line Filters

    KEMET's SBT, SH, and SHO series DC line filters are ideal for audio-visual equipment, office automation equipment, digital appliances, and power supplies.

    By KEMET 152

  • T520B227M006ATE035/E045/E070 Polymer Tantalum Capa

    KEMET's T520B227M006ATE035, E045 and E070 Polymer Tantalum Capacitors deliver 220uF of capacitance in a 6.3V rated B Case. Order now at DigiKey.

    By KEMET 220

  • FT-CAP X8L Dielectric Capacitors

    The X8L dielectric features a 150°C maximum operating temperature and is considered “general purpose high temperature."

    By KEMET 115

  • High-Temperature 0402 Capacitors

    KEMET's 200°C series features a robust and proprietary base metal dielectric system. C0G technology continues to outperform X7R in extreme environments.

    By KEMET 138

  • T522 Reduced Leakage Polymer Tantalum

    Designed to meet the needs of leakage-sensitive applications such as battery supported circuits. Lowest leakage values available in polymer tantalum capacitors.

    By KEMET 206

  • T540 Polymer Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS)

    Suitable for the high reliability requirements of telecommunications, computer, military and aerospace applications. Polymer cathode technology.

    By KEMET 110

  • TSM Series Capacitors

    KEMET's tantalum stacked MnO2 TSM Series capacitors are targeted for applications requiring high capacitance with limited board space in the computer,

    By KEMET 179

  • T550 Series Capacitor

    KEMET's T550 PHS offers the highest total capacitance at low temperatures and high frequencies, surpassing wet tantalum performance. Solid internal construction drastically improves shock and

    By KEMET 163

  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

    KEMET offers a variety of small aluminum electrolytic capacitors for general purpose applications and in various body styles.

    By KEMET 235

  • T513 Multiple Anode Low ESR COTS MnO₂ Series

    Offers very low ESR and surge robustness designed for applications that require high surge current and high ripple current capability.

    By KEMET 67

  • T541 Polymer Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Multi

    Conductive organic polymer that replaces common MnO2 as the cathode plate of the capacitor resulting in very low ESR and improved capacitance retention.

    By KEMET 66