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Kaga Electronics USA
  • KTPS200 Series Power Supply

    Volgen's KTPS200 series is designed to provide up to 200 W of power in a convenient, convection-cooled desktop design.

    By Kaga Electronics USA 238

  • KTPS05 Series Wall Adapters

    Volgen's KTPS05 series wall adapters have Level VI efficiency as well as short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protections.

    By Kaga Electronics USA 127

  • KRS/KRD Series AC/DC Power Supplies

    Volgen's KRS / KRD series has high quality and low cost and features direct PCB mounding and an ultra-small package.

    By Kaga Electronics USA 99

  • PM-500A Series Switching Regulators

    Volgen's PM-500A series are pin compatible, high performance switching regulators made to replace 78xx linear regulators.

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  • KHV Series High Voltage DC/DC Converters

    Volgen's KHV series ultra-compact, medium-high voltage DC/DC converters with 5-sided metal shield case.

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