• Shielded MINI-CON-X® Connectors

    Conxall/Switchcraft's IP66 and IP68 shielded MINI-CON-X® connectors protect circuits from EMI and RF interference.

    By Conxall/Switchcraft 312

  • Mil-E-Qual® Panel Connectors

    Switchcraft's Mil E Qual® connectors are available in 29 standard Mil-C-5015 insert configurations from 2 to 37 positions, utilizing #16 and #12 size contacts.

    By Conxall/Switchcraft 249

  • High-Amperage Power Plugs and Jacks

    High-amperage power plugs and jacks from Switchcraft are rated up to 11 A current and are available in sealed and non-sealed versions.

    By Conxall/Switchcraft 247

  • Data-Con-X®

    Conxall/Switchcraft's Data-Con-X® sealed USB type A and B connectors are available in a quick-connect bayonet or a threaded-style interface.

    By Conxall/Switchcraft 257

  • Mini-Con-X® Harsh Environment Connectors

    Switchcraft/Conxall’s Mini-Con-X sealed connectors offer up to 10 contacts in a compact, 0.71” connector.

    By Conxall/Switchcraft 245