Carlo Gavazzi


Carlo Gavazzi
  • D Series DIN Rail Mountable Time Delay Relays

    Carlo Gavazzi’s D Series DIN rail mountable timers offer simple, precise, and cost-effective options for any timing application.

    By Carlo Gavazzi 132

  • DI and DU Series Current and Voltage Monitoring Re

    Carlo Gavazzi’s DI and DU current and voltage monitoring relays provide invaluable protection for machinery against power anomalies.

    By Carlo Gavazzi 129

  • DP Series Three-Phase Monitoring Relays

    Carlo Gavazzi’s DP three-phase monitoring relays provide invaluable protection for machinery against phase loss, imbalance, or sequence anomalies.

    By Carlo Gavazzi 106

  • CA18/CA30 Series Proximity Sensors

    Carlo Gavazzi's CA18 and CA30 CAN/CAF capacitive proximity DC sensors feature several significant upgrades including superior electromagnetic immunity and refined sensitivity adjustment with s

    By Carlo Gavazzi 99

  • PA18 Series Photoelectric Sensors

    Carlo Gavazzi’s PA18 series photoelectric sensors provide space savings with an easy-to-clean solution for a variety of applications in material handling, textile, and food and beverage industries

    By Carlo Gavazzi 92

  • PD30 Series Photoelectric Sensor

    The Carlo Gavazzi PD30 sensor family combines excellent sensing abilities with an optimized compact housing design.

    By Carlo Gavazzi 113

  • SCTL55 Smart Configurator

    Carlo Gavazzi's SCTL55 is a portable, self-powered, and user-friendly smart configurator for IO-Link sensors which accesses the sensor data.

    By Carlo Gavazzi 135

  • SPDM and SPDC Slimline Power Supplies

    Carlo Gavazzi's SPDM series is designed for all automation applications. The SPDC series is where high performance meets high quality in a compact frame.

    By Carlo Gavazzi 126

  • A82/E83 Series Current Transformers

    Carlo Gavazzi’s A82/E83 series measure currents up to 500 AAC and provide AC or voltage outputs used to interface with monitoring relays or PLCs.

    By Carlo Gavazzi 115

  • CC Series Contactor

    Carlo Gavazzi's CC series midi-contactors range in sizes from from 20 HP to 75 HP and can handle the typical industrial need.

    By Carlo Gavazzi 185

  • RM1A Series Zero Switching Solid State Relays

    Carlo Gavazzi’s RM1A series zero switching solid state relays are uniquely constructed to handle all resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads.

    By Carlo Gavazzi 107