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Keystone Electronics
  • Ultra-Low-Profile Retainers for 20 mm Coin Cell Ba

    Keystone’s 20 mm coin cell battery retainers are designed with leading edge technology in mind to accommodate all major manufacturers' 20 mm batteries.

    By Keystone Electronics 136

  • Surface-Mount Threaded Standoffs

    Keystone's threaded standoffs are specifically designed and packaged to be used on PC boards in the same manner as other surface-mount components.

    By Keystone Electronics 143

  • 5027 Hybrid Mount PCB Test Point

    Keystone's 5027 test point has surface-mount and through-hole mounting options that features a locating pin design to provide positive location of the device during the assembly process.

    By Keystone Electronics 169

  • Spring Loaded Cylindrical Battery Holders with PCB

    Keystone's popular plastic battery holders now include products with a PCB connector plug pre-installed to the end of 6" wires for simplified installations.

    By Keystone Electronics 233

  • Snap-On AA and AAA Battery Contacts

    Keystone's snap-on AA and AAA series of battery contacts are ideal for retaining cells securely under severe shock and vibration in high-density applications.

    By Keystone Electronics 167

  • Battery Insulating Pull Tabs

    Keystone's battery insulator will protect battery and circuitry during shipping and handling.

    By Keystone Electronics 232

  • Coiled PCB/Case Mount Battery Contacts

    Keystone Electronics' coil spring contacts are designed to slide into molded cases with no wire lead, or direct placement onto a PCB.

    By Keystone Electronics 167

  • High-Performance Threaded Nylon Standoffs

    Keystone's nylon standoffs are ideal for automotive, under hood applications as well as aerospace, refrigeration, and other severe environments.

    By Keystone Electronics 186

  • Low Profile PCB Cylindrical Battery Clips

    Keystone's battery clips for a variety of cylindrical battery cells are available for surface mount and through-hole mount circuit board applications.

    By Keystone Electronics 175

  • IP65 Water Resistant AA Covered Battery Holders

    Keystone's IP65 water-resistant AA covered battery holders with nickel-plated spring steel contacts are manufactured from molded ABS for increased durability.

    By Keystone Electronics 134

  • 1074 Top Loading Slim-Line 20 mm Coin Cell Holder

    Keystone’s 1074 vertical mount slim-line 20 mm coin cell holder allows for top entry of the popular 2032, 2025, or 2x 2016 lithium batteries.

    By Keystone Electronics 629

  • Slim-Width 3036 Coin Cell Retainer

    Keystone's slim-width 3036 coin cell retainers are ideal for high-density PCB packaging in applications such as single-use RFID.

    By Keystone Electronics 218

  • Color-Coded, Auto Blade Fuse Holders

    Keystone Electronics incorporates colored insulator bodies to their series of SMT and THM automotive blade fuse holders for PCB applications.

    By Keystone Electronics 212

  • Vertical Entry Mini Auto Blade Fuse Clip

    Keystone’s vertical entry mini auto blade fuse clip's low-profile design is ideal for any PCB application where space constraints exist.

    By Keystone Electronics 206

  • Surface Mount Fuse Clips with Kapton® Tape

    Keystone’s surface mount fuse clips with Kapton® tape across the top surface allow for a more secure part picked-up by vacuum pick-and-place assembly systems.

    By Keystone Electronics 340

  • Lithium Coin Cell Battery Holders

    Ideal for high-density packaging, which maximizes board placement choices

    By Keystone Electronics 182

  • High-Current True Zero-Ohm Jumpers

    Keystone's “true” zero-ohm high-current SMT jumpers provide a low-impedance and circuit linkage with an identical footprint as zero-ohm resistors.

    By Keystone Electronics 168

  • Advanced Design 9 V Battery Straps

    Keystone's advanced design 9 V battery straps are high-performance, pre-wired, and competitively-priced 9 V battery straps, designed to connect most 9 V alkaline and lithium-ion batteries.

    By Keystone Electronics 173

  • Quick-Fit Terminals

    Vertically and horizontally-mounted quick-fit female receptacles and mating terminals. Manufactured from brass alloy with a high-luster nickel-plated finish.

    By Keystone Electronics 227

  • Surface-Mount Printed Circuit Jumpers

    Keystone's surface-mount printed circuit jumpers are designed to link circuit board traces in applications where through-hole jumpers are not possible.

    By Keystone Electronics 192