Surface-Mount Printed Circuit Jumpers

By Keystone Electronics 158

Surface-Mount Printed Circuit Jumpers

Quickly and easily set-up, these space-saving SMT jumpers from Keystone are uniquely suited as alternative options where through-hole jumper use is not feasible. As such, the connectors are designed to provide ideal low-profile circuit linkage and minimal footprint for high-density, high-current PCB packages on power and aluminum backplanes. All PCB soldering applications, including reflow, may be utilized.


  • All parts are manufactured from copper with silver plating
  • Three different SMT jumper styles offered for individual preference
    • Compact Style: 5100 (Bulk) and 5100TR (Tape-and-Reel)
    • Micro Miniature: 5102 (Bulk) and 5102TR (Tape-and-Reel)
    • Miniature Style: 5104 (Bulk) and 5104TR (Tape-and-Reel)
  • All tape-and-reel parts are packaged per ANSI/EIA-481 standard for compatibility with most vacuum and mechanical pick-and-place assembly systems