Timing & Clock Management


Timing & Clock Management
  • Precision Triaxial Inclinometer and Accelerometer

    ADI's ADIS16210 iSensor® digital inclinometer system provides precise measurements for pitch and roll angles. Available in a 15 mm x 24 mm x 15 mm module.

    By Analog Devices Inc 197

  • LVDS Buffers and Muxes

    IDT's ICS854S006I is a low skew, high performance 1-to-6 differential-to-LVDS fanout buffer. The CLK, nCLK pair can accept most standard differential input levels.

    By IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 278

  • HCSL Buffers

    HCSL Buffers from IDT provide a low power, low noise, low skew, point-to-point solution for distributing HCSL clock signals.

    By IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 206

  • LVPECL Buffer

    The ICS853S006I LVPECL buffer from IDT is characterized to operate from either a 2.5 V or a 3.3 V power supply.

    By IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 228

  • PCI Express®

    PCI Express products are small, low power clock generators, buffers, and evaluation boards that offer industrial grade ratings and minimal external components.

    By Silicon Labs 338

  • THS788 4-Channel Timing Measurement Unit

    TI's THS788 4-channel TMU includes a TDC architecture to ensure fast and accurate measurements in a variety of applications.

    By Texas Instruments 233

  • 7L/7Q Series Crystal Oscillators

    TXC's TCXOs are available in varying versions of temperature stability, voltage control functions, and operating voltages.

    By TXC Corporation 318

  • Differential Output Oscillators

    TXC's differential output oscillators have excellent phase noise and jitter specs and are able to address higher temperatures than CMOS oscillators.

    By TXC Corporation 309

  • BS, BT, CS and CT Series SAW Oscillators

    TXC's SAW based oscillator’s ideal for applications demanding lower costs, low phase noise, and the specs of differential output oscillators.

    By TXC Corporation 270

  • SPI Real-Time Clock / Calendars

    Microchip's MCP795 family of 10-pin SPI RTCCs offers superior timekeeping performance along with reduced component count and low backup power.

    By Microchip Technology 199

  • Low-Current, I²C, Serial Real-Time Clock

    The DS1339A low power programmable RTC, from Maxim, is a drop-in replacement for DS1339 and features 2 time-of-day alarms.

    By Maxim Integrated 200

  • Parallel-Interface Elapsed Time Counter

    Maxim's DS1318 sub-second elapsed-time counter with byte-wide parallel interface features 44-bit binary counter providing timer with 244 µs resolution.

    By Maxim Integrated 170

  • MAX2870 Frequency Synthesizer

    Maxim's MAX2870 ultra-wideband PLL with integrated VCOs is controlled by a 3-wire serial interface and is compatible with 1.8 V control logic.

    By Maxim Integrated 302

  • DS3231M Real-Time Clock

    Maxim's DS3231M I²C RTC, available in the same footprtint as the DS3231 RTC, utilizes a MEMS resonator for enhanced, long term accuracy.

    By Maxim Integrated 206

  • AD9557/8 Clock Multiplier

    ADI's AD9557 low loop bandwidth clock multiplier provides jitter cleanup and synchronization for systems including synchronous optical networks.

    By Analog Devices Inc 250

  • DS1088L EconOscillator™

    The DS1088L clock generator, from Maxim, produces a square-wave output without external timing components and features 1.0% frequency tolerance.

    By Maxim Integrated 236

  • AD9525 Clock Generator

    The AD9525 low-jitter clock generator with eight LVPECL outputs features an integrated ultra-low noise synthesizer.

    By Analog Devices Inc 255

  • DS3232M Real-Time Clock

    Maxim's DS3232M I²C RTC with 236 bytes of battery-backed SRAM has a timekeeping accuracy of ±5 ppm from -40 NC to 85 NC.

    By Maxim Integrated 261

  • MCP795Wxx Real-Time Clock / Calendars

    Microchip's MCP795Wxx real-time clocks with watchdog timer use an external 32.768 KHz crystal as a timing source and have battery switchover with a timestamp.

    By Microchip Technology 218

  • DS168x Elapsed Time Recorders

    DS1682 and DS1683 elapsed-time recorders, from Maxim, require no backup power source and are ideal for systems where time-of-use is important.

    By Maxim Integrated 186