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Stanley Electric
  • 1104L Series Chip Type Infrared LEDs

    Stanley Electric's infrared LED 1104L series is a highly reliable PLCC type that emits invisible light with a high power of 9.2 mW/sr or 8.5 mW/sr at 50 mA.

    By Stanley Electric 109

  • 1104P Series Chip Type LEDs

    Stanley Electric’s long history of producing reliable products has yet again come out with a durable creation in the 1104P series LED.

    By Stanley Electric 93

  • 1105P Series Chip Type LEDs

    Stanley’s 1105P series LED in a rare 0402 package provides engineers the flexibility for layout design. It is difficult to know where the light is coming from until looking closely at the 1105P.

    By Stanley Electric 67

  • 1106P Series Chip Type LEDs

    Stanley’s 1106P Series LED brings a narrow distribution to a whole new level through Stanley’s advanced in-house lens.

    By Stanley Electric 86

  • 1313HS Series Chip Type LED

    The newly designed package from the 1314A series, Stanley's 1313HS series is the industry’s brightest 3-in-1 chip type LED.

    By Stanley Electric 77

  • 1151ASE Series LED

    Stanley's 1151ASE half watt mid-power LED part series is available in a variety of color temperatures to bring out unique lighting possibilities.

    By Stanley Electric 76

  • 1105H Series Chip Type Infrared LED

    Stanley’s JGN1105H is a very compact LED package that emits infrared light of 850 nm that has the ability to generate high power of 50 mW at 50 mA, 100 mW/sr at 100 mA at a narrow 30° spatial

    By Stanley Electric 70