• URG Series

    Susumu's URG thin film chip resistors offer increased levels of reliability and stability compared to competitor's similar components.

    By Susumu 530

  • KRL Series Resistors

    Susumu's KRL series chip resistors with a face down structure and a large resistive element that allow it to have excellent heat dissipation capability.

    By Susumu 211

  • HRG3216 Series Resistors

    Susumu’s highly reliable and precision HRG series has power rating of 1 W for 1206 size with regular short side wrap around terminals.

    By Susumu 240

  • RGT Series Resistors

    Susumu's RGT series metal thin-film chip resistors are ideal for applications that require high temperature such as automotive, aerospace, and industrial.

    By Susumu 256