• GD5F Series SPI NAND Flash Memory

    GigaDevice offers SPI NAND Flash GD5F family series with density ranging from 1 Gb to 8 Gb for embedded applications with demands on code and data storage.

    By GigaDevice 114

  • GD25DxxCKIGR Series SPI NOR Flash Memory

    GigaDevice's GD25DxxCKIGR family series in USON8 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm package, currently the industry’s smallest, gives designers flexibility in their projects.

    By GigaDevice 91

  • GD25WD SPI NOR Flash Memory

    GigaDevice's GD25WD SPI NOR Flash memory offers ultra-low power and zero deep power-down current.

    By GigaDevice 119