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Infineon Technologies
  • TLV493D-A1B6 3D Magnetic Sensor

    Infineon's combination of 3-axis measurement in a small package, with low power consumption, provides the TLV493D-A1B6 contactless position sensing.

    By Infineon Technologies 156

  • DPS310 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensors

    Infineon's DPS310XTSA1 is a miniaturized digital barometric air pressure sensor with high accuracy, high stability, and low current consumption.

    By Infineon Technologies 102

  • TLE4922 Highly Robust Mono-Hall Speed Sensors

    Infineon’s TLE4922 sensors are specially designed to provide an easy-to-use, robust and cost effective solution for vehicle or industrial speed sensing applications.

    By Infineon Technologies 143

  • XENSIV™ TLE5014 Angle Sensors

    Infineon’s XENSIV™ TLE5014 angle sensors offer the highest functional safety grading with an easy-to-use concept.

    By Infineon Technologies 98

  • TLE4959 3-Wire Transmission Speed Sensors

    Infineon’s 3-wire transmission speed sensor addresses the 3-wire applications with the state-of-the-art technology of the IFX transmission sensors.

    By Infineon Technologies 132

  • DPS422 Digital Barometric Air Pressure and Tempera

    Infineon’s DPS422XTSA1 air pressure and temperature sensor's small 2.0 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.73 mm package is ideal for mobile applications and wearable devices.

    By Infineon Technologies 102

  • XENSIV™ DPS368 Ultra-Small Waterproof Pressure Sen

    Infineon’s XENSIV™ DPS368 ultra-small waterproof pressure sensor is capable of measuring both pressure and temperature.

    By Infineon Technologies 143

  • XENSIV™ TLE5109 Magnetic Angle Sensors

    Infineon's TLE5109 (D) angle sensor is best-in-class for angle accuracy, very high field range, low jitter, and is monolithically integrated in CMOS and BCD.

    By Infineon Technologies 172

  • 600V Trench IGBTs

    International Rectifier's 40 A IRGP4640D, 50A IRGP4650D and 60A IRGP4660d IGBTs utilize trench thin wafer technology to offer lower conduction and switching losses.

    By Infineon Technologies 289

  • CoolMOS C6 Devices

    Infineon's CoolMOS C6 devices are easy to design-in and suited for various energy efficient applications.

    By Infineon Technologies 209

  • OptiMOS 3 Devices

    OptiMOS 3 devices from Infineon are intended for power conversion and power management applications that require high efficiency and power density.

    By Infineon Technologies 264

  • SupIRBuck® Gen3 Integrated Voltage Regulators

    SupIRBuck® single-output devices feature a newly-patented modulator scheme that generates the industry’s smallest, jitter-free pulse widths.

    By Infineon Technologies 190

  • Market Leading Energy Efficiency Technologies

    Infineon's energy efficiency products are enormously important for future energy supplies in terms of both exploiting renewable and using energy efficiently.

    By Infineon Technologies 187

  • HEXFET® Power MOSFET Photovoltaic Relay

    Infineon Technologies’ HEXFET MOSFET output switch, driven by an integrated circuit photovoltaic generator of novel construction.

    By Infineon Technologies 256

  • IRMCF371 Mixed-Signal Control IC

    International Rectifier’s Sensorless Motor Control Platform For Variable-Speed Pumps Enables 50 Percent Reduction in Energy Consumption.

    By Infineon Technologies 215


    Infineon Technologies' TSOP-6 HEXFET MOSFETs feature very low on-state resistance (RDS(ON) and significantly cut conduction losses.

    By Infineon Technologies 262

  • 600 V Trench Ultra-Fast IGBTs

    International Rectifier's 40 A IRGP4640D, 50A IRGP4650D and 60A IRGP4660d IGBTs utilize trench thin wafer technology to offer lower conduction and switching losses.

    By Infineon Technologies 225

  • µIPM™ Integrated Power Module

    µIPM modules are the smallest in the industry, making them suitable for applications that are space-constrained

    By Infineon Technologies 136

  • Compact PowIRaudio™ Modules for Class D Amplifier

    Modules integrated into a single package offering a compact solution, reducing component count, shrinking PCB size, and simplifying Class D amplifier design.

    By Infineon Technologies 93

  • General Purpose 600 V HVICs

    Infineon Technologies' IR256xx family of general purpose high-voltage ICs (HVICs) includes dual low-side drivers.

    By Infineon Technologies 118