Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp.


Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp.
  • 802 Series Shrouded Headers

    Mill-Max's 802 series of shrouded male pin connectors are available in 4 to 64 pin configurations and are ideal for applications with blind mate conditions.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 439

  • Mezzanine Connectors

    Mill-Max's 64 position, 1 mm pitch mezzanine connectors for parallel board stacking interconnections conform to EIA-700 AAAB for IEEE 1386 applications.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 262

  • Right Angle Shrink DIP Pitch Strips

    Mill-Max's .070" pitch connectors available with right angle options are ideal for board edge daisy chain applications.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 302

  • 860 and 861 Series Headers and Sockets

    The through-hole, single row, 1 mm pitch headers and sockets, from Mill-Max, feature high-speed screw machined pins and receptacles manufactured to precision tolerances.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 296

  • 815 and 817 Series Connectors

    Mill-Max's 815 and 817 connector series is available in single- and double-row contact strips for use on .100" grid.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 262

  • 349/449 Series Headers

    Mill-Max's 349 and 449 series of connectors with round, stub-tail termination feature .030 inch diameter pins for extra strength in rough environments.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 272

  • USB 3.0 Connectors

    Providing 10 times faster data transfer rate over Hi-Speed USB with a 5 Gbps signaling rate, the USB 3.0 connectors from Mill-Max are available in standard and micro size.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 276

  • OFP® Receptacles and Sockets

    Mill-Max's Organic Fibre Plug® solder barrier, the OFP receptacles and sockets are designed for hand, wave, or reflow soldering.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 218

  • Shrouded Male Connectors

    Mill-Max's 2 mm pitch shrouded male pin connectors are available in 3 terminations styles, through-hole or surface mount options, and are RoHS-compliant.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 234

  • Crimp Pins

    Equivalent to the Mil-Spec M39029 crimps pins, these COTS crimp pins, from Mill-Max, are available in 5 different terminals and in either gold or tin-plating options.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 216

  • 0861 and 0871 Spring Pins

    Mill-Max's 0861 and 0871 spring pins, designed for rugged applications, offer excellent signal integrity in shock and vibration environments.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 239

  • 0507 Early Engagement Receptacles

    Mill-Max's solder-mount 0507 receptacles with early engagement contact point is made from brass allow and are high-speed machined to precision tolerances.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 173

  • 807 Series Insulated Spring Pins

    Mill-Max's 807 series of spring-loaded pins feature high-temperature thermoplastic insulators which are suitable for SMT soldering processes.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 174

  • Zero-Profile Dual-Entry Receptacle

    Mill-Max's zero-profile solderless press-fit receptacle has a .045” minimum mating pin length for bottom entry and .054” minimum length for top-entry insertion.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 630

  • 2 mm Pitch Spring-Loaded Connectors

    Mill-Max's 2 mm pitch SLCs offer high conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability due to their gold-plated components and springs.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 238

  • USB 3.1 Type C Connectors

    Mill-Max USB 3.1 type C connectors have a mid-mount, hybrid layout, with full-metal housing and enhanced EMI/RFI prevention.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 316

  • Combination Connectors for Signal and Power

    Mill-Max offers two combination connector sets: a five pin, compact cable-to-board socket and header and a 40 pin board-to-board header and socket combination.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 320

  • Expanded Line of Target Connectors

    Mill-Max introduces a selection of target connectors and pins that can be used in place of SMT pads on a PCB as the mating surface for spring-loaded pins.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 175

  • Multi-Purpose Terminal Pin

    Mill-Max's 3622-0-32-15-00-00-03-0 terminal pin for solderless press-fit, wire termination, and board edge mount.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 467

  • Wire Termination Pins and Receptacles

    Mill-Max is expanding its line of wire termination products by introducing six pins and receptacles, three mated pairs, which facilitate the wire attachment process.

    By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 182