0861 and 0871 Spring Pins

By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 237

0861 and 0871 Spring Pins

Mill-Max's 0861 and 0871 spring pins have large diameter plungers, bodies, and bases to provide the mechanical strength required for rugged applications such as blind-mating of components, drop-in charging systems, and quick-connect assemblies where sliding or rotating action is involved.

They are a good fit where greater spacing is required due to electrical and mechanical demands. Both pins feature a .092” (2.34 mm) diameter plunger for a larger interface surface, a .187” (4.75 mm) diameter base, promoting a strong solder joint for stability on the board and thick wall construction to withstand the rigors of demanding applications, especially those involving side loads. The 0861 and 0871 each have a press-fit feature on the body allowing them to be press-fit into housings for assemblies, such as docking stations and battery compartments, or to form module connectors. The 0861 is surface-mount; the 0871 has a tail for through-hole mounting providing additional support. Both pins deliver a .040” (1.02 mm) mid-stroke and .080” (2.03 mm) maximum stroke with built-in protection against over-compression of the spring.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed and built with the same precision as the miniature spring pins, they exhibit excellent signal integrity in shock and vibration environments
  • Large-scale spring pins feature gold-plated stainless steel springs and gold-plated, precision-turned components
  • Mechanical rating of 1,000,000 cycles minimum
  • Current rating of 9 A (at 10°C temperature rise above ambient)