LDMOS RF Power Transistors

By Ampleon 58

LDMOS RF Power Transistors

Designed for the toughest engineering environments, Ampleon’s 50 V XR LDMOS RF power transistors provide unsurpassed ruggedness under real-world conditions. They offer higher output powers and simplified design-in, while enabling lower system cost and eliminating the use of hazardous substances. The XR portfolio offers a 21st century solution that also replaces traditional VDMOS-based devices. Thoroughly deserving its ‘eXtremely Rugged’ title, the XR family delivers stability and unsurpassed ruggedness performance under the most severe load mismatch conditions. This makes it ideal for demanding (kW), professional, smart RF energy applications (igniting plasmas and lasers, synchrotrons and MRIs) in the ISM frequency bands. It also gives a real-power, and efficiency boost to terrestrial broadcasting. Offering the highest efficiency solutions in FM radio transmitters (enabled by a dual-sided ESD diode), XR devices also provides superior correctable linear performance and pre-distortion characteristics for IBOC Digital Radio, VHF-TV, and other linear applications. With unsurpassed performance, Ampleon’s XR family helps future-proof your RF design.

Video: Sparky vs. eXtremely Rugged LDMOS

Features Applications
  • eXtremely rugged high-power delivery up to 1400 W
  • Excellent stability under severe mismatch conditions
  • Compact and easy-to-manufacture due to all-planar matching structure
  • Improved Class-C operation due to new dual-sided ESD diode structure with larger negative voltage range
  • Reduced system cost
  • Replaces VDMOS and eliminates hazardous substances
  • Terrestrial broadcast systems
    • FM transmitters
    • IBOC digital radio
    • VHF TVs
  • ISM applications
    • Igniting plasmas and lasers
    • Synchrotrons
    • MRIs

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