3 mm and 5 mm Ice Cube LEDs

By SunLED Company, LLC 92

3 mm and 5 mm Ice Cube LEDs

Tired of hotspots? Finally, a solution to make your design shine the way it should. SunLED announces the Ice Cube LED series with a deep frosted lens. The LEDs effectively eliminate the hotspots that interfere with achieving the perfect illumination of color. If your design is a canvas, then let these LEDs be your palette. This through-hole series launches in 12 different shades to bring a blend of uniqueness and uncap the limits to your design. The Ice Cubes comes in 2 sizes: 3 x 3 mm and 5 x 5 mm square with 110 degree viewing angle for a wide, uniform dispersion, taking you to a different level from the traditional, round T1 and T1 3/4 LEDs. Their flat-surfaced, cube-shaped lenses make the LEDs ideal for flush mounting onto panels, allowing them to redefine the sleekness of LED indication through style and a touch of color.

Features Applications
  • Available in 3.0 x 3.0 mm and 5.0 x 5.0 mm square through-hole packages
  • Wide viewing angle with triple diffused lens: 110°
  • Large selection of available colors
  • No hotspots from emitting area
  • Backlighting
  • Consumer Devices
  • General Indication
  • Medical Equipment
  • Audio Equipment
  • Automotive Accent Lighting
  • Logo Illumination