SolarSpec™ Connectors

By Molex Connector Corporation 259

SolarSpec™ Connectors

Molex offers custom design solutions that utilize many of their industry-leading mating interfaces. By leveraging these proven and reliable interfaces, engineers can design cost-effective interconnect systems. The SolarSpec™ designation ensures that the unique requirements of solar applications are being addressed through the use of proven technology, solar-compliant materials, and unmatched reliability in rugged environments.

Molex offers solutions for photovoltaic panels, building integrated photovoltaics, tracking systems, and inverters. For applications such as residential and commercial rooftops, utilities, public buildings, and solar farms, Molex offers junction boxes and cable assemblies. For tracking system applications such as Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and central receiver towers, Molex provides IP67- and UV-rated connectors and cordsets. Additionally, for inverter applications, Molex offers custom interconnect products as well as a wide range of standard off-the-shelf Molex products.