Toggle Switches

By Carling Technologies 265

Toggle Switches

Carling Technologies has long been known for the quality and performance of its switches. Its line of toggle switches features a wide variety of termination types, circuitry, bushing lengths, and ratings.

The 110-Series: a heavy action toggle switch compactly designed featuring a versatile metal construction toggle, single or double pole options, maintained or momentary construction with termination choices including solder lug end or bottom, wire leads and .250 tab terminals. The quick make/quick break contact mechanism makes the switch suitable for high voltage (125-250 V) applications. Popular within the small appliance, floor maintenance, and most low current AC/DC market segments.

The DK/EK-Series: a heavy duty toggle switch that can be configured as a single or double pole with wire lead or screw terminations, and ratings to 20 A 125 V 10 A 250 V, making it the most heavy duty toggle switch in the Carling line. Its sturdy metal construction and stiff actuation force will withstand any stringent application. The quick make/quick break contact mechanism is ideal for high voltage DC applications. The DK/EK-Series has long been a staple of industrial motor control, military applications and general purpose market segments.

The F/G-Series: a general purpose high performance toggle switch with options tailored to meet most any need. Features such as various actuator, bushing, termination, circuit choices, and ratings to 20 A 277 VAC allow this versatile switch to easily integrate into a variety of different applications. The F/G-Series has a storied history in the marine, food service, generator, industrial control, military and office automation markets and is also appropriate for usage in low voltage DC applications.

The H/I-Series: three pole (H) and four pole (I) toggle switches are heavy duty, high voltage AC rated switches. They feature a slow-make, slow-break contact mechanism, and fit the industry standard .500 diameter mounting hole. These switches are available in a wide range of momentary and maintained single throw or double throw circuits, terminations, and bushing/toggle configurations.

The LT-Series: toggle switches are AC rated illuminated toggle switches featuring a three-color lighting sequence from a single lamp. These lighted toggle switches contain neoprene bushing seals for dust and moisture protection. A variety of maintained and momentary single or double throw circuits, terminations, lamp voltages, and color sequences are available. LT-Series switches fit the industry standard .500 diameter mounting hole.