Precision Test Connectors

By Molex Inc 197

Precision Test Connectors

Molex's precision test connectors offer high frequency performance response for the most demanding high frequency applications. Optimized SMAs achieve maximum frequency response of 27 GHz while the 2.4 mm connectors achieve a maximum frequency response of 50 GHz.

Through the utilization of a unique construction, Molex Precision test connectors do not require soldering to the PCB; rather the connectors are tightened to the PCB using 0-80 UNF screws. The center contact inside of the connector makes first contact to the PCB and moves into optimal pin position inside of the connector as it is tightened to the PCB. A 360° grounding ring ensures optimal shielding. PCB traces transition from the connector to the PCB using a plated through hole via on the PCB to transfer to a trace in lower layers of the PCB.

  • Vertical PCB launch configuration
  • Unique compression-mount design using two 0-80 UNF screws
  • Capable of handling 50 GHz analog signals
  • 2.4 mm mating interface
  • Integrated center pin design
  • Stainless-steel body
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Chip manufacturers
  • Datacommunication and telecommunication applications
    • Test and characterization boards
    • Reference backplanes
    • High-speed backplanes

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