By EPCOS 213


IPDiA's Wire Bonding Silicon Capacitors (E.SC) exhibit ideal characteristics for Chip On Board (COB) assembly solutions. The E.SC Capacitor targets power supply decoupling and filtering of active devices. The range is from 390 pF to 4.7 µF, with voltage ratings of 11 V or 30 V breakdown voltage. The size of the dies range from 0202 up to 2016. The E.SC Capacitor is based on PICS Integrated Passive technology, and directly mounted on the PCB application using wire bonding. E.SC capacitors have the outer bonding pads in aluminum.

Features Applications
  • Fully-compatible Monolithic ceramic capacitors for replacement
  • Negligible capacitance loss through ageing
  • Low profile 0.1 mm or 0.25 mm
  • Small size
  • Low leakage current
  • High reliability
  • Any demanding applications, such as medical, aerospace, and automotive industrial
  • Supply decoupling / filtering of active devices
  • High reliability applications
  • Devices with battery operations
  • High temperature applications
  • Volume-limited applications