SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA

By Microsemi SoC 262

SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA

Microsemi SoC’s next-generation SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs are the only devices that address fundamental requirements for advanced security, high reliability and low power in critical industrial, military, aviation, communications and medical applications. SmartFusion2 integrates an inherently reliable flash-based FPGA fabric, a 166 megahertz (MHz) ARM® Cortex™-M3 processor, advanced security processing accelerators, DSP blocks, SRAM, eNVM, and industry-required high-performance communication interfaces all on a single chip.

  • 166 MHz ARM® Cortex™-M3 with on chip eSRAM & eNVM
    • Includes ETM and Instruction Cache
    • Extensive peripherals CAN, TSE, USB
  • Most Reliable FPGA
    • SEU immune zero FIT Flash FPGA configuration cells
    • SEU Protected Memories: eSRAMs, DDR Bridges (MSS, MDDR, FDDR), Instruction Cache, Ethernet, CAN and USB Buffers, PCIe, MMUART, and SPI FIFOs
    • Hard 800 mbps DDR2/3 controllers with SECDED (also called EDAC) protection
    • Built in Self Test
  • Most Secure FPGA
    • DPA Hardened, AES256, SHA256, Random Number Generator
  • Lowest Power FPGA
    • 1 mW in flash-freeze mode
    • 10 mW static power during operation
  • 2x Fabric performance
  • 16x 5Gbps SERDES, PCIe, XAUI / XGXS+ Native SERDES
  • Integrated DSP processing blocks
  • 120 K LUT, 5 Mbit SRAM, 4 Mbit eNVM