CB Pluggable Circuit Breakers

By Phoenix Contact 321

CB Pluggable Circuit Breakers

Phoenix Contact's CB pluggable is a UL recognized device circuit breaker. It provides convenience and flexibility for the control panel builders and for field customization. Using CB Pluggable devices for each DC load isolates a potential load fault and increases system availability for the end user.

Base Element Features
  • DIN rail-mountable
  • Push-in wire termination for reliable fast connections
  • Snap-lock plug and base ensure secure installation
  • Codeable to prevent mismatch of plugs
Plug Features
  • Thermal-magnetic plugs from 0.5 A to 16 A
  • 24 VDC electronic plugs from 1 A to 6 A for sensitive electronic loads
  • Width: 12.3 mm thin profile