PV Series SMD Molded Varistors

By Stackpole Electronics, Inc. 166

PV Series SMD Molded Varistors

The Stackpole PV series is a single layer MOV in a plastic encapsulated, surface-mount package, which is flameproof per UL94V-0. This package type provides robust environmental performance and the compliant leads allow for PCB flexion and expansion without risk of cracking parts or solder joints. The 3225 and 4032 chip sizes have the equivalent of a 5 mm and 7 mm disk, respectively. The PV is available in voltages up to 385 VDC/300 VRMS and can handle surge currents up to 1200 amps. This series has a maximum load dump energy of 30J.


  • AC operating voltage (VRMS) from 11 V to 300 V
  • DC operating voltage (VDC) from 14 V to 385 V
  • +85ºC continuous operating temperature
  • Insensitive to water cleaning procedures and to humidity according to the climate category 55/125/56
  • Non-flammable thermoplastic encapsulation case according to standard UL94V-0
  • SMD package provides size and weight savings on board
  • UL, CAC, CEDD approved