Zener Diodes

By Micro Commercial Co 195

Zener Diodes

Micro Commercial Components' 1N4729AW to 1N4761AW Zener diodes series come in a SOD-123 package with bonding structure. This series stabilizes voltage, offers broad Zener voltage range, and has better electrical performance. This is especially true in lower voltage range (less than 5.6 V) by using planar structure die. This series is highly reliable and ideally suited for use in telecom systems, communication systems, computers, automotive systems, power supplies, and many other industrial/consumer applications.

  • Board space saving
  • Low Zener impedance,low inductance
  • Wide Zener voltage range available
  • Standard tolerance of Zener voltage ± 5%
  • Provides optimum versatility in many applications
  • Regulates voltage over a broad operating current and temperature range
  • RoHS compliant without exemption clauses applied