2031 T Series

By Bourns Inc. 80

2031 T Series

Bourns 2031 T series fast response gas discharge tubes (GDTs) are designed for use with Bourns' transient blocking unit (TBU®) high-speed protectors. These devices provide coordinated overvoltage protection for specified TBU protector models. Together, these GDTs and TBU protectors provide extremely fast overcurrent and overvoltage protection (OCP and OVP) against electrical transients. The TBU protector will transition to a current-blocking condition in less than 1 µs at the rated current. If needed, the GDT will transition into conduction at a voltage below its maximum impulse rating, protecting the TBU device from overvoltage and shunting the surge energy to ground. These solutions provide unparalleled speed of protection compared to other standard OVP/OCP protection schemes.

Features Applications
  • Fast acting
  • Small size
  • Stable breakdown throughout life
  • Designed to operate with TBU® devices
  • UL recognition pending
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial electronics
  • Avionics