ADS1148 Temp Measurement ADC

By Texas Instruments 93

ADS1148 Temp Measurement ADC

Texas Instruments' ADS1148 is a highly-integrated, precision, 16-bit ADC featuring an onboard, low-noise, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), a precision delta-sigma ADC with a single-cycle settling digital filter, and an internal oscillator. It also provides a built-in voltage reference with 10 mA output capacity, and two matched programmable current DACs and provides a complete front-end solution for temperature sensor applications including thermal couples, thermistors, and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs).

  • 16 bits, no missing codes
  • Data output rates up to 2 kSPS
  • Single-cycle settling for all data rates
  • Simultaneous 50/60 Hz rejection at 20 SPS
  • 4 differential/7 single-ended inputs
  • Temperature measurement:
    • RTDs, thermocouples, and thermistors
  • Pressure measurement
  • Industrial process control