AON7418 MOSFET 30 V N-Channel

By Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc 59

AON7418 MOSFET 30 V N-Channel

Alpha and Omega Semiconductors' AON7418 is the best-in-class 30 V N-channel device implemented on AOS' proprietary AlphaMOS technology, with the lowest RDS(ON) in the market of similar package types. AlphaMOS technology improves RDS(ON) by 40% over the previous generation.

The device provides power designers the flexibility in optimizing space, performance and cost. The AON7418 provides exceptionally low on-resistance that is optimized for demanding applications such as tablet PCs, eReaders, notebooks, telecom and networking. The AON7418 enables designers to reduce power losses and increase performance in space-constrained applications.

  • Latest Trench Power AlphaMOS (αMOS LV) technology
  • Very low RDS(on) at 4.5 VGS
  • Low gate charge
  • High current capability
  • RoHS and halogen-free compliant
  • Isolated DC/DC converters in telecom and industrial
  • DC/DC converters in computing, servers, and POL

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