Buzzers and Audio Alerts

By CUI Inc 100

Buzzers and Audio Alerts

CUI's comprehensive line of magnetic and piezo buzzers are used across many major industries as a means for audible identification or alert. From extremely compact 4 mm SMT buzzers to larger, high decibel and waterproof models, this product family is well suited to address the needs of the most challenging audio alert applications.

  • CSS Series
    • 5~14 mm, 70~100 dB, surface mount, magnetic audio transducers
  • CMT Series
    • 4~16.9 mm, 68~88 dB, surface mount, magnetic and piezo audio transducers
  • CT Series
    • 12.8 mm, 85~90 dB, surface mount, magnetic audio transducers
  • CEM Series
    • 12~16 mm, 80~85 dB, through hole, magnetic audio transducers
  • CEP Series
    • 13.7~41.8 mm, 70~93 dB, through hole/panel mount, piezo audio transducers
  • CPT Series
    • 9~40 mm, 65~104 dB, through hole and surface mount, piezo audio transducers
  • Home appliances
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Security
  • Industrial
  • Office automation