CER Series Controlled ESR MLCCs

By TDK Corporation 59

CER Series Controlled ESR MLCCs

TDK's CER multilayer ceramic chip capacitor series offers the unique additional function of controlling the ESR (equivalent series resistance) value as desired without affecting ESL (equivalent series inductance). This function enables control of voltage change, which can occur between the power source and the CPU, by controlling the impedance of the capacitors located around the CPU.

The relatively low ESR value of standard MLCCs can be too low in cases where the MLCC has replaced Ta capacitors. Designers can avoid the additional resistor typically used to solve this problem by utilizing CER Series. This can contribute to cost saving, set downsizing, and upgrading in quality. The mounting method of the CER Series is the same as products with two terminals, which makes replacement of existing products with CER chip capacitor very easy.

Features and Benefits
  • Unique electrode design solves low ESR problem
  • Same mounting method as 2-terminal components
  • Controlled ESR without affecting ESL
  • Drop-in tantalum capacitor replacement
Vertical/End Markets
  • Commercial
  • Medical: Class I and Class II only
  • Power
  • Transportation
  • Specialized power supply decoupling and smoothing
  • Servers/PCs/tablets/mobile devices
  • Voltage regulator/output filter/plane termination
  • Tantalum capacitor replacement