FPF1203LUCX IntelliMAX™ Load Switches

By ON Semiconductor 132

FPF1203LUCX IntelliMAX™ Load Switches

The ON Semiconductor FPF1203 / 03L / 04 / 45 are ultra-small integrated IntelliMAX load switches with integrated P-channel switch and analog control features. Integrated slew-rate control prevents inrush current and the resulting excessive voltage drop on the power rail. The input voltage range operates from 1.2 V to 5.5 V to provide power-disconnect capability for post-regulated power rails in portable and consumer products. The low shut-off current of 1 µA (maximum) allows power designs to meet standby and off-power drain specifications. The FPF1203 / 03L / 04 / 45 are controlled by an active-HIGH logic input (ON pin) compatible with standard CMOS GPIO circuitry found on field programmable gate array (FPGA) embedded processors. The FPF1203 / 03L / 04 / 045 are available in 0.76 mm x 0.76 mm 4-bump WLCSP.

  • Mobile devices and smart phones
  • Portable media devices
  • Tablet PCs
  • Advanced notebook, UMPC, MID
  • Portable medical devices
  • GPS and navigation equipment

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