HCM1103 Series High Current/Frequency Inductors

By Eaton-Electronics Division 107

HCM1103 Series High Current/Frequency Inductors

The Eaton Coiltronics brand of HCM1103 inductors are rated for 125°C maximum operating temperature. The core is powdered iron material and is magnetically shielded for low EMI. This series utilizes flat wire technology which allows for high current carrying capacity and low DCR specifications. The inductance for this series ranges from 0.12 µH to 22.0 µH, and the current range is from 3.0 A to 75 A. The HCM Series of parts are available in five different mechanical sizes and foot prints, and comply with lead-free, halogen-free, and RoHS-compliant standards.

Applications include voltage regulator modules (VRMs), multi-phase regulators, point-of-load (POL) modules, desktop and server VRMs and EVRDs, base station equipment, notebook regulators, battery power systems, graphics cards, data networking, and storage systems.

The Coiltronics brand of Magnetics is now part of the Eaton's Electrical Group, Electronics Division.
Coiltronics is now part of Eaton
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