High Bay LED Lighting Solution

By Texas Instruments 43

High Bay LED Lighting Solution

Texas Instruments' UCC28810 is a general lighting power controller for low to medium power lumens applications requiring power factor correction and EMC compliance. It is designed for controlling a flyback, buck, or boost converter operating in critical conduction mode. The UCC28810EVM-003 is a 110 W offline AC-to-DC LED current driver with power factor correction. This design utilizes a three stage approach with a universal input boost PFC stage, a low-side buck stage providing a controlled current source and a half-bridge DC transformer stage to provide isolation to four LED strings.

The TPS92020 is a high-performance resonant-switching LED driver controller. It is designed for use in higher power LED lighting systems. The TPS92020 uses resonant switching in an LLC topology to achieve a very high efficiency compared to traditional half-bridge converters. The programmable dead time enables zero-voltage switching with minimum magnetizing current, maximizing system efficiency across a variety of applications.

Texas Instruments LM3409HV is a P-channel MosFET (PFET) controller for step-down (buck) current regulators. It offers wide input voltage range, high-side differential current sense with low adjustable threshold voltage, fast output enable/disable function and a thermally enhanced eMSOP-10 package. These features combine to make the LM3409HV ideal for use as a constant current source for driving LEDs where forward currents up to 5 A are easily achievable.

UCC28810 Features TPS92020 Features
  • Transition mode controller for low implementation cost of AC input LED lighting applications
  • Implements single stage power factor corrected LED driver
  • Enhanced transient response with slew-rate comparator
  • Interfaces with traditional wall dimmers
  • Accurate internal VREF for tight output regulation

LM3409HV Features

  • LM3409Q/LM3409QHV is an automotive grade product that is AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified
  • 2 Ω, 1 A peak MosFET gate drive
  • VIN range: 6 V to 42 V (LM3409/LM3409Q)
  • VIN range: 6 V to 75 V (LM3409HV/LM3409QHV)
  • Differential, high-side current sense
  • Cycle-by-cycle current limit
  • LLC resonant switching driver controller for multi-string LED lighting applications
  • Half-bridge topology
  • Fixed or variable switching frequency control
  • Programmable soft-start time
  • programmable dead time for best efficiency
  • Easy ON/OFF control
  • Overcurrent protection