HMC976LP3E Linear Voltage Regulator

By Analog Devices Inc 66

HMC976LP3E Linear Voltage Regulator

Analog Devices, a world-class supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication and military markets, has introduced the HMC976LP3E, a BiCMOS linear voltage regulator which is ideal for high current, ultra-low noise applications including point-to-point microwave radio where a high data throughput demands very low power supply noise. The HMC976LP3E is also ideal for high precision, high quality test instrumentation, cellular base station infrastructure, and radar or military applications.

Incorporating the HMC976LP3E regulator into VCO and PLL designs significantly improves phase noise performance and makes possible the relatively high SNR needed for signals with a dense constellation. The HMC976LP3E delivers up to 400 mA of current, a PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio) of less than -60 dB at 1 kHz offset, and provides excellent rejection of any preceding switching regulator, power supply noise, or any other externally generated noise.

The HMC976LP3E provides an output voltage in the 1.8 to 5 V range at 400 mA and offers extremely low output noise spectral densities of 6nV√Hz at 1 kHz offset, and 3nV√Hz at 10 kHz offset. This largely surpasses the available linear voltage regulators on the market.

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