IRS2052M Audio Driver IC

By Infineon Technologies 119

IRS2052M Audio Driver IC

International Rectifier's IRS2052M 2-channel Class D audio IC is specifically designed for high-performance home theater systems and car audio amplifiers requiring a compact solution. The 200 V device integrates two channels into a single IC. The IRS2052M, which integrates two channels into one IC, provides the flexibility and convenience of building popular stereo amplifiers and multi-channel designs in a 2.1, 5.1, or 6 channel configuration. The IRS2052M is optimized to work with IR's extensive range of digital audio MOSFETs, addressing output power from 50 W to 300 W to reduce component count and PCB space while achieving improved performance, efficiency, THD, and EMI. The advantage of Class D over Class AB is that performance improvement comes directly from silicon improvement.

  • 2-channel integrated analog input Class D audio amplifier driver
  • Versatile protection control enabling latched, non-latched, or host-controlled shutdown function
  • External thermal sensor input
  • On-chip thermal shutdown with warning
  • Clipping detection
  • Programmable dead-time generation
  • Start and stop click noise reduction
  • Under voltage protection
  • High noise immunity

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