L6470 dSPIN Motor Driver

By STMicroelectronics 169

L6470 dSPIN Motor Driver

The L6470 dSPIN motor driver from STMicroelectronics provides fully digital motion control with no need for a dedicated MCU to perform speed profile and positioning calculations. The digital control core, together with the innovative voltage-mode driving operation, results in a position resolution of up to 128 micro-steps and smoother motion. The fast SPI interface, with daisychain capability, allows a single MCU to control multiple devices. Reduced resonance, noise and vibration at low speed make the overall application much simpler and lighter.

  • Monolithic digital micro-stepping driver
  • Fully programmable speed profile and positioning
  • Voltage-mode driving, featuring up to 128 micro-steps
  • 8-bit 5 MHz SPI interface (daisy-chain compatible)
  • Sensorless stall detection
  • Integrated current sensing (no external shunt)
  • Full set of embedded diagnostic and protection functions
  • Integrated 16 MHz oscillator, 5-bit ADC and 3 V voltage regulator
  • HTSSOP, POWERSO, and compact QFN packages
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  • Industrial:
    • Stage lighting
    • ATMs, POS
    • Textile machines
    • Factory automation
    • Medical equipment
    • Security
    • Vending machines
  • Computers and peripherals:
    • Printers

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