LP5907 Linear Regulator

By Texas Instruments 141

LP5907 Linear Regulator

Texas Instruments' LP5907 is a linear regulator capable of supplying 250 mA output current. Designed to meet the requirements of RF and analog circuits, the LP5907 device provides low-noise, high PSRR, low quiescent current, and low line or load transient response figures. Using new innovative design techniques, the LP5907 offers class-leading noise performance without a noise bypass capacitor, and the ability for remote output capacitor placement. The device is designed to work with a 1 µF input and a 1 µF output ceramic capacitor (no bypass capacitor is required).

Features Applications
  • Stable with 1 µF ceramic input and output capacitors
  • No noise bypass capacitor required
  • Remote output capacitor placement
  • Thermal-overload and short-circuit protection
  • -40°C to +125°C junction temperature range for operation
  • Cellular phones
  • PDA handsets
  • Wireless LAN devices