MAX1760x Dual MOSFET Drivers

By Maxim Integrated 157

MAX1760x Dual MOSFET Drivers

Maxim's MAX17600 and MAX17605 devices are high-speed MOSFET drivers capable of sinking /sourcing 4 A peak currents. The devices have various inverting and noninverting part options that provide greater flexibility in controlling the MOSFET. The devices have internal logic circuitry that prevents shoot-through during output-state changes. The logic inputs are protected against voltage spikes up to +14 V, regardless of VDD voltage. Propagation delay time is minimized and matched between the dual channels. The devices have very fast switching time, combined with short propagation delays (12 ns typ), making them ideal for high-frequency circuits.

  • Dual drivers with enable inputs
  • +4 V to +14 V single power-supply range
  • 4 A peak sink/source current
  • Low 12 ns propagation delay
  • 6 ns typical rise and 5 ns typical fall times with 1 nF load
  • Inputs rated to +14 V, regardless of VDD voltage