Mini CAN BUS Varistor

By AVX Corporation 162

Mini CAN BUS Varistor

The AVX CAN BUS varistor is a ZnO-based ceramic semiconductor device with non-linear voltage-current characteristics (bidirectional). The mini 0402 CAN varistor has the added advantage of greater current and energy handling capabilities relative to a diode solution, as well as EMI/RFI attenuation. The 0402 is the smallest discreet offering in the CAN BUS series.

  • High reliability
  • Board space savings
  • AEC Q200 qualified
  • Sub 1 ns turn on time
  • Meets 27.5 VDC (5 min) jump start requirements
  • EMI/RFI attenuation in off-state
  • Compact 0402 footprint