MMA-495930-Q4 Medium Power Amplifier

By Microwave Technology Inc 84

MMA-495930-Q4 Medium Power Amplifier

Microwave Technology/Littelfuse's MMA-495930-Q4 is a high linearity, GaAs FET broadband MMIC amplifier utilizing MwT's proprietary linear device technology. It is packaged in a low-cost, QFN 4x4 mm Green Package. Applications include the driver and the output stage of power amplifiers for WLAN and WiMax infrastructure base stations and access points. The third order intercept performance of the MMA-495930-Q4 is excellent and typically 15 dB above the 1 dB gain compression point.

  • Ideal for 4900 –5900 MHz high linearity / high dynamic range WiMax/WLAN and point-to-point radio applications
  • VDD =+7.5 V
  • Input and output are matched to 50 Ω
  • MTTF > 100 years @ 85 ºC ambient temperature
  • RoHS-compliant surface-mount, QFN 4x4 mm package
  • Excellent RF performance:
    • 45 dBm OIP3
    • 30 dBm P1dB
    • 22 dBm POUT @ 2.0% EVM
      (Testing signal: 802.16/64 QAM)
    • 20 dB gain

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