NCV8852 Buck Controller

By ON Semiconductor 165

NCV8852 Buck Controller

ON Semiconductor's NCV8852 is an adjustable−output non−synchronous buck controller which drives an external P−channel MOSFET. The device uses peak current mode control with internal slope compensation. The IC incorporates an internal regulator that supplies charge to the gate driver.

Protection features include internal soft−start, undervoltage lockout, cycle−by−cycle current limit, hiccup−mode overcurrent protection, hiccup−mode short−circuit protection.

Additional features include: programmable switching frequency, low quiescent current sleep mode and externally synchronizable switching frequency.

  • Ultra low Iq sleep mode
  • Adjustable output with 800 mV ±2.0% reference voltage
  • Programmable switching frequency
  • Internal soft−start (SS)
  • Fixed−frequency peak current mode control
  • Internal slope compensating artificial ramp
  • Internal high−side PMOS gate driver
  • Regulated gate driver current source
  • External frequency synchronization (SYNC)
  • Wide input of 3.1 to 44 V with undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
  • Programmable cycle−by−cycle current limit (CL)
  • Hiccup overcurrent protection (OCP)
  • Output short circuit hiccup protection (SCP)
  • Space−saving 8−PIN SOIC package
  • AEC−Q100 qualified and PPAP capable
  • Pb−Free and RoHS compliant

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