OPA2835 VFB Amplifier

By Texas Instruments 145

OPA2835 VFB Amplifier

Fabricated using the industry-leading BiCom-3x (SiGe complimentary bipolar) process, Texas Instruments' OPA835 and OPA2835 are single and dual ultra-low power, rail-to-rail output, negative rail input, voltage-feedback operational amplifiers designed to operate over a power supply range of 2.5 V to 5.5 V Single Supply and ±1.25 V to ±2.75 V dual supply. Consuming only 250 µA per channel and a unity gain bandwidth of 56 MHz, these amplifiers set an industry leading power-to-performance ratio for rail-to-rail amplifiers. For battery powered portable applications where power is of key importance, the OPA835's and OPA2835's low power consumption and high frequency performance offers designers performance versus power not attainable in other devices. 

Features Applications
  • Ultra-low power
    • Supply voltage: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
    • Quiescent current: 250 µA (typ)
    • Power down mode: 0.5 µA (typ)
  • Bandwidth: 56 MHz
  • Slew rate: 160 V/µs
  • Rise time: 10 ns (2 VSTEP)
  • Settling time: 45 ns (2 VSTEP
  • Low power signal conditioning
  • Audio ADC input buffer
  • Low power SAR
  • ΔΣ ADC driver
  • Portable systems
  • Low power systems
  • High density systems
  • Ultrasonic flow meter