Portable High Efficiency Solar Charger and LED Lig

By IXYS 74

Portable High Efficiency Solar Charger and LED Lig

The IXYS/Littelfuse solar charger is highly portable, measuring 120 mm in length, 76 mm in width, 18 mm in height and weighing 300g. It is about the size of a smart phone. Equipped with two USB ports, one micro-USB port, and four white LED lights, it produces 5.2 V of power at 1.5 A, which is about 8 watts of solar power.

The solar pad is constructed with a 1 W solar cell and is the most efficient portable in its class; it achieves a high efficiency of 22 percent. Its high capacity Li-Polymer battery can also be quickly charged through a USB input at the rate of 1.2 A at 5 V. It is able to deliver power to other devices while it is being charged. Moreover a smart charging feature implemented with an MCU protects the device from being over-charged or discharged.

It is more than a mobile battery charger as its LEDs function as a highly bright flashlight (1 W), which can be configured in either blinking or continuous mode. The flashlight is usable during both charging and discharging modes.