RP9 and RPA High-Power Terminations

By AVX Corporation 229

RP9 and RPA High-Power Terminations

AVX Corporation's RP9 (surface-mount chip) and RPA (flange-mount chip) series of high-power resistive products were designed to expand AVX's product offering for terminations, attenuators, and resistors. These terminations cover 50 Ω standard. Based on environmentally friendly aluminum nitride (AIN) substrate with silver tabs, all series achieve 150°C maximum operating temperature and are ideally placed for high temperature RF power applications.

  • Thin film processed
  • 4 W to 250 W aluminum nitride (BeO Free)
  • 400 W / 800 W (BeO)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Dummy load
  • Power divider/combiner design
  • Couplers (hybrid/directional)
  • MIC (microwave integrated circuits)
  • Circulators/isolators
  • Medical RF (non-magnetic)