SN65HVD82D Robust RS-485 Transceiver

By Texas Instruments 172

SN65HVD82D Robust RS-485 Transceiver

Texas Instruments' SN65HVD82D comes equipped with robust drivers and receivers for demanding industrial applications. The bus pins are robust to ESD events, with high levels of protection for human-body model, air-gap discharge, and contact discharge specifications. The device combines a differential driver and a differential receiver, which operate from a single 5 V power supply. The driver differential outputs and the receiver differential inputs are connected internally to form a bus port suitable for half-duplex (two-wire bus) communication. The device features a wide common-mode voltage range making the device suitable for multi-point applications over long cable runs.

  • Bus I/O protection
    • ±16 kV HBM protection
    • ±12 kV IEC61000-4-2 contact discharge
    • +4 kV IEC61000-4-4 fast transient burst
  • Industrial temperature range -40°C to +85°C
  • Large receiver hysteresis (60 mV typ) for noise rejection
  • Electrical meters
  • Building automation
  • Industrial networks
  • Security electronics

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