TPS62360EVM Evaluation Module

By Texas Instruments 66

TPS62360EVM Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments' line of TPS6236x evaluation modules demonstrates the Texas Instruments [TPS62360, TPS62361B, TPS62362, or TPS62365] processor supplies with I²C interface and remote sense. The TPS6236x are a family of high-frequency synchronous step down dc-dc converters optimized for battery-powered portable applications in a small solution size. With an input voltage range of 2.5 V to 5.5 V, common battery technologies are supported. These devices provides up to 3 A peak load current (3.5 A for the TPS62365), operating at 2.5 MHz typical switching frequency.  TPS62360EVM User's Guide

  • 3 A peak output current
  • Low Rds, on switch and active rectifier
  • Power save mode for light loads
  • I²C high speed compatible interface
  • Programmable output voltage for digital voltage scaling: 0.77 V to 1.4 V, 10 mV steps
  • Excellent DC/AC output voltage regulation
  • Multiple robust operation/protection features