UCC27531 Single Channel Driver

By Texas Instruments 55

UCC27531 Single Channel Driver

Texas Instruments' UCC27531 represents industry best in class in terms of single-channel gate driver ICs for IGBTs, and integrates the best features of the best driver ICs available in the market. The devices are universal, single low-side drivers that are a good fit in low-to-high frequency and low-to-high power applications.

The UCC27531 is a single-channel, high-speed, gate driver capable of effectively driving MOSFET and IGBT power switches by up to 2.5 A source and 5 A sink (asymmetrical drive) peak current. Strong sink capability in asymmetrical drive boosts immunity against parasitic Miller turn-on effect. It also features a split-output configuration where the gate-drive current is sourced through OUTH pin and sunk through OUTL pin. This pin arrangement allows the user to apply independent turn-on and turn-off resistors to the OUTH and OUTL pins, respectively, and easily control the switching slew rates.

Features Applications
  • Low-cost gate driver (offering optimal solution for driving FET and IGBTs)
  • Superior replacement to discrete transistor pair drive (providing easy interface with controller)
  • TTL and CMOS compatible input logic threshold, (independent of supply voltage)
  • Split outputs allow separate turn-on and turn-off tuning
  • Enable with fixed TTL compatible threshold
  • Companion to digital power controllers
  • Motor control
  • Renewable energy (solar power)
  • Gate drive for emerging WBG powered devices
  • Superior replacement to discretes 

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